Adobo de Compostela
Adobo de Compostela

Forget about bagnet -- it’s not only very far to get, physically, its crispiness is also far from the delectable crackle of Compostela’s own adobo. 

Sold in an unassuming eatery beside the public market, the Singson’s adobo has made quite a following over the years, with customers like the distinguished Norberto Quisumbing and Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung.

At P45 per slice, Compostela’s adobo store dates back to the pre-war era with Soledad Castro cooking the delectable dish for young and old alike. The business was passed on to Soledad’s daughter, Jovencia Castro-Nunez, then to Jovencia’s daughter, Lourdes Nunez-Singson. Now, taking care of the kitchen is Lourdes’ son, Oliver, who is an electronics and communications engineer.

Available only from lunchtime to the afternoon, the adobo is the reason for the long queue of people seen at the store everyday.

From students to ordinary workers to lawyers and politicians, the Singson adobo in Compostela has captured the hearts of many, who could not keep themselves from coming back for more. 

Compostela’s adobo has reached other parts of the world because many OFWs and balikbayans order these as pasalubong when they fly out of the Philippines.

Crispy fried adobo. Three words that will make you fall in love with Compostela in northern Cebu. Try it, and Compostela will always be on your mind!

 Adobo de Compostela
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