River trekking
River trekking

Compostela shares with Liloan town the Cotcot river as boundary. Beautiful and enchanting, the river cuts barangays Mulao in Compostela from Mulao in Liloan, barangays Cabadiangan in Compostela and Cabadiangan in Liloan, and cuts barangay Estaca in Compostela and barangay Cotcot in Liloan before emptying into the sea.

Dotting a most phusically challenging but scenic trail of rolling green hills are huge, jaw-dropping boulders that could well be thousands of years old.

A lot of adventure seekers have come for a visit to the river, seeking the round gigantic boulder called “Malingin” and another big one that is shaped like a ship.

The river trail is hours-long and could be excruciating under the heat of the sun, so don’t go without companions and a local guide. Travel light, but bring plenty of water and food, because there, the world is reduced to just being you and the river. The trek is dangerous and risky for the faint of heart and weak of body, as it is rigorous and involves climbing up and down huge boulders in the middle of the river.

All of your exhaustion will disappear as you come to heart of the river, which has a scenery so spectacular, so mystical, and so otherworldy that no picture is enough to give justice to its beauty. At the same time, the history of the place comes to mind, back when the river turned red with the massacre of thousands of fleeing Filipinos by the Japanese soldiers nearing the end of the second world war.

With an out-of-this-world river view snaking its way on the borders, there is indeed more to Compostela than meets the eye.

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