Bike riding

At first glance, Compostela may be already be way up north and away from Cebu City but unknown to many, Compostela’s mountains kiss the boundaries of Cebu City, joining the two local governments physically together.

As a matter of fact, a lot of drivers of delivery trucks or container vans use the roads in Compostela to avoid the truck ban and the painfully long traffic gridlocks of Consolacion and Mandaue City.

The “shortcut,” road connects barangay Mulao in Compostela to barangay Paril in Cebu City, and by following the interior road one finds himself ending up near the Sirao gardens at the vicinity of Ayala Heights along the Transcentral Highway.

These various interior roads in Compostela have fast become a biking mecca, as one rider had put it. Groups of riders on their mountain bikes have become a fixture on Compostela’s mountain roads especially on weekends. A lof of riders also go on an adventure by blazing new trails with their dirt bikes, using the alternative roads going to Cebu and Danao Cities instead of passing through the national highway.

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