About the Mayor
About the Mayor

With every sunrise comes a new chapter waiting to be written. Taking this saying to heart, and firmly believing that mornings are tied to new beginnings, Compostela Mayor Felijur Quiño is known to be fond of greeting his people “Good morning” regardless of the time of day.

It is in this way that Mayor Felijur would like to spread hope, as each morning provides new opportunities to achieve greater things in life. 

And achieve greater things he did.

Born and raised in Compostela, Mayor Felijur traces his roots to Basak, an interior barangay known in the days of old for its many springs, farming and copra making, the flourishing center of coal industry during the American period, as well as the outpost of the guerilla movement during the war.

Today, Basak is our usual Philippine barangay filled with commercial developments alongside agricultural and residential lands. It is where Mayor Felijur’s life story began, being the place of his parents, Felix Quiño and Teodorica Pareja.

Mayor Felijur got his passion for public service from a role model at home, his father Felix who served as barangay captain of Basak for many years. Mayor Felijur’s first foray into politics was when he followed the footsteps of his father. He spent 12 years as barangay captain of Basak, after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce at the University of the Visayas. His mother, Teodorica, was the business person in the family who trained the then young Felijur the hardwork needed to sustain a business endeavor.

Mayor Felijur is no stranger to the daily life of the ordinary Compostelanhons, having spent all his life in the town, going to its schools, establishing friendships, and having a family of his own in the very place that he grew up in.

From more than a decade as Basak barangay captain, a post that catapulted him to being the president of the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) and ex-officio member of the Municipal Council, he was then elected as regular member of the town’s law-making body.

Apparently the Compostelanhons had, for years, approved of his trademark of excellence and passionate brand of public service. This was manifested by the electorate’s act of voting him as the town’s First Councilor while running as independent for three terms, a feat considered extraordinary being someone who did not align with any of the town’s strong political parties.

An advocate of simple living, Mayor Felijur’s lifestyle resonates with that of the public he serves. As leader he always tells his people, “Mintras mosidlak pa ang adlaw sa sidlakan, kitang tanan may pag-asa pa.” (As long as the sun rises in the East, we always have hope.)

At the age of 54, one can say that being elected as mayor would already cap two decades long of serving the public. But not for Mayor Felijur, whose desire to become mayor is not driven by ambition for the position, but by a heart born to serve. With this, it is safe to say, that this lumad Compostelanhon’s story and love affair with public service is just beginning. 

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