The density of population in Metro Cebu has now spread to Compostela, proof of the increasing in-migration due to an improved economy and evidence of the Pag-ibig Fund’s success in giving middle class families, mostly professionals, the chance to own their houses at an affordable rate through installment basis. The Summerhills Residential Lots in Barangay Tamiao, the Henaville Subdivision in Barangay Estaca and the Crown Heights Subdivision in Barangay Cogon are only few of the various housing projects that helped bring in more people to live in this northern town.

Compostela has so far managed a harmonious balance between the growth of residential and industrial areas on one hand, and a flourishing agricultural and tourism sectors on the other. Its potentials are vast, its future, promising. One can apply for Compostela the Cebu Provincial Government’s promotion for Cebu – it’s nowhere near a volcano, it is not sitting on an earthquake belt, the rainfall is evenly distributed, the water supply is good, the roads are paved and it is near the airport and seaports. Over the years, Compostela has been gradually achieving the dream of an economically competitive yet peaceful community. 

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 St. James the Apostle Parish Church
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